Out of the Woodwork

When I went out to look at buying a new vehicle, they all looked the same, just generic vans (yes I drive a van, and will for a long time with a 4th child on the way) that all seemed to be challenging each other as non de script vehicles that blend in to the roads like dirt on a beige carpet. After deciding on the van we wanted – a Chevy Uplander – it seemed that the roadways were teeming with Uplanders. Everywhere I looked there was my van! So much for the non de script vehicle blending in, they now all jumped out of the woodwork and I couldn’t help but notice them. Now nearly four years later, I still see them everywhere, which can’t be too bad, they must not have been lemons…

In making changes to my life now in other areas, it seems that the things that I am wanting to give up are now the things that I spot so readily. I want to cut out TV, so there seems to be a lot of good shows on right now. I want to change some diet habits, gosh do I ever start craving all of my comfort foods. I want to be more generous with our possessions, darn if there aren’t some stores I find that have lots of things I’d like to buy.

I realise this is all part of the process of letting go and changing habits and making solid breaks from things, but it always catches me off guard when it happens. The moments of truth will be when I have to face the temptations and walk away.

I wonder, have you seen things come out of the woodwork in your life?

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2 Responses to Out of the Woodwork

  1. Merry Pellowe says:

    I can totally understand what you are saying here! It seems as though every time I feel I need to give extra in the offering, there is some new item of clothing, or a gift for someone else that needs to be bought! 😛 And when I re-commit myself to living with Christ’s patience or humility, someone will come along and be difficult, or I will have an opportunity to share about something “great” I have done recently. But I find it awesome and amazing that no matter how many things make doing exactly what Christ wants difficult, there is always this overwhelming sense of joy and a vague understanding of God’s plan in it all (even though we cannot know ALL He has planned)! It’s really an awesome growing experience…. 🙂

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