Risk of Faith – By Geoff

In the Bible, specifically mark 5 (MSG) Jesus tells a woman that her ‘risk of faith’ has made her whole and healed. The idea of risk, seems to be an oxymoron when it comes to God. What do we really risk when we come to God?

We risk staying the same or getting worse, we risk being left out of what God has in store, we risk controlling our destiny (or at least the façade of controlling it), we risk short term gain. In effect we risk things that really hold us back from what God has in store. So why don’t we take risks of faith? Why don’t we live in position where we are living by faith, risking it all on God.

Well, for those same reasons, we want control, we want security – or at least the feeling of it, we want to feel good now not later.

I have gotten really tired of wanting those things, they are exposing themselves for what they are lately and I don’t want them any more.

But risk has some things that go along with it:

  1. Risk involves opposition. Things can get in your way when you want to take a risk. Just like in Mark 5, the people risking it all on Jesus had things in the way, so will we.
  2. Risk involves coming to Jesus with expectation. Both Jairus and the woman came to Jesus expecting that he could alter their circumstances. What do you expect when you come to Jesus? Do you even go to Jesus to change your circumstances?
  3. Risk involves trust, and believing for the impossible. They both came to Jesus with seemingly impossible situations (one even became fatal while with Jesus), trusting that He could do the impossible. Do you come to Jesus trusting He can do the impossible?

Taking risks of faith is the same as stepping closer and closer to Jesus, leaving everything else behind. Just like the woman, if we can keep our focus on Him, if we can just touch Jesus, we know he can make us whole…

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  1. Jakesta says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

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