Revival Please*

I was talking with a good frined to day about revivals and spiritual movements. It was a discussion that has left me thinking wondering what I want (just phrasing it like that sounds selfish – what “I” want… really….). I have been asking for God to stir in me and those around me (youth & young adults) a greater passion and commitment to Him. This is often termed ‘revival’ and that is a term that I have used to describe what I want to see happen. I really want to see a significant move of people coming to a deeper faith, and coming to faith for the first time.

While we were talking about this my friend mentioned their hesitancy, maybe even something stronger than that, dislike for the term revival or at least what often is carried with that word; namely a bad ending. It seems like so many revivals that hit end up in really bad shape possibly causing just as much harm as good. I can think of the fall out of recent revivals (no names or smearing here) and how the church or person that the revival was centered around was either disgraced, split, or saw major trouble as the ‘revival’ drew to a close. This leaves me wondering, can I place a special order? Can I get my revival without the side of crazy? Hold the corruption please!

Now without getting in to the fact that we can’t order revival off a menu, and I am not really that self absorbed to think that I can set the terms and conditions for God, I really want to see my region changed for God, I just couldn’t bear seeing it come only to have it end in some disaster. Can we pray (and it does come down to a lot of prayer) that any revival, renewal, move of God be something we haven’t seen before? Could we have a revival that doesn’t necessitate nightly meetings of everyone coming to the show? Could we have a revival where people transformed by their God, walk in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit and see revival happen around them? Could it be that we only come together to celebrate, worship, and pray for God’s continued leading? Could it be that we have a revival that doesn’t need a church building rather it needs a church (people) moving? Could it be that when people feel a desire to connect with God they find a Christ follower not an organization? Could it be that God would use all of us not just a select few preachers and singer/musicians? Could it be?

What do you pray for when you ask God to move? Are you afraid to ask Him for revival? Are you willing to live out revival everywhere you go rather than see it happen only in special services held by special people? What would it look like to our communities to see our lives transformed by the Holy Spirit?

Can you pray with me for revival? Please?

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3 Responses to Revival Please*

  1. Sid Wood says:

    In the 1800s a “revival” was evaluated in terms of its results. When the bars closed and the jails no longer were filled (because the laws were not broken), when love of neighbour was not merely given lip service, when church became the most popular activity… that was revival.

    Renewal is good, coming together to engage in enthusiastic worship is good; but give ma an old-fashioned revival.

  2. nerrad says:

    I’m with you too. thanks for the inspiration – there’s a blog post forming in my mind now. I think “revival” is too often used to describe something its not

  3. George Goetz says:

    I’m with you Geoff.

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